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Catch Pot


Colex International offer catch-pots for all of our Dual containment systems.

The standard catch-pot is a 160mm square pot with a depth of 260mm, although any size you require is possible.

The catch-pot is made of 5mm high impact clear sheet and has a removable lid secured with 2 stainless steel catches which can be pin locked.

It is sealed with EPDM gaskets for an all-round water tight finish.

Due to the nature of the connections it is possible to use Draw-Flex with our bespoke catch-pots & achieve an un-broken inner hose while still offering the safety of a catch pot.Catch-Pots

Protectaflex goes even further and offers both an un-broken inner hose but also with the added benefit that the outer cover terminates “in” the box rather than outside as is the case with all other systems.

All our catch pots are made to order with a typical lead time of 3-4 weeks.

Please call the Colex sales office for more information.

This picture shows catch-pots manufactured for CMT Flexibles.

These will be used in conjunction with our Draw-Flex System by Severn Trent Water Authority.

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