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Why should you choose Colex International for your Seismic products?

Colex International is one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of streamer and towed array jackets worldwide.

Our manufacturing facility based at Market Harborough in the UK, offers multi line capabilities giving us sustainable flexibility in supplying products of the highest quality, along with the speed of response and standard of service that the Commercial Offshore and Defence contractors have come to expect.

We also have the safety of offering a multi building manufacturing facility to assist in giving additional surety to customers with their disaster recovery plans. If one of our sites has a critical failure, another one is capable of producing quality product almost immediately.

Our technical knowledge and long-term partnerships with suppliers of premium quality raw materials enables us to work with diverse customers base to provide solutions to those issues raised when using products in the harshest of environments.

This co-operation has yielded benefits for customers on many occasions where specific needs have been addressed by material developments. As part of this process Colex can offer the flexibility of prototyping through to full production within timescales that most other organisations are unable to offer.

Our past history has demonstrated our ability to offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers, making developments in materials, sizing, colours and, where problems of space, handling and security from damage are an issue, packaging. We continue this by tailoring our products and keeping up to date with the ever-changing needs and requirements of our global customers.

  • Entire product range is available with certificates of conformity allowing full traceability
  • All orders are subject to routine sample retention
  • All incoming orders are processed immediately by staff that fully understand the needs of the industry
  • We provide an excellent level of service with sales, technical and production staff all geared to meet the consistently high standards that are set
  • We can provide large quantities at high quality with short lead time dues to our dedicated multiline manufacturing unit
  • We consider any size or length according to customers needs

Caring for the Environment:

Where viable, Colex International can assist with disposal of old jackets and skins.

Using a recycling partner, used skins sections can be returned for recycling in the UK, with the recycled material used gainfully rather than going to landfill or incineration.

This service offers cost effective options to those organisations committed to finding environmental solutions to the disposal of materials that have come to the end of their service life.

These solutions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis, contact us for more details.

Packing Options Include:

  • Tubular form on customer specific drums for sea freight
  • Tubular form in coils
  • Flat packed in coils to save space in storage and transit
  • Flat packed on drums
  • Individually flat packed to decrease the possibility of spooling when transferring between workboats
  • Flat packed on card cores

Other Seismic Options:

  • Printing to customers requirements
  • Yarn Reinforcement
  • Flared Ends
  • MOD approved PVC
  • Special Material Blends
  • Different Colours
  • Short Lengths

BSI accreditation:

  • ISO 9001 BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. FM 57554
  • Colex International achieved full ISO 9002 accreditation on January 30th 2001.
  • Colex International has achieved accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Colex now holds certificate no FM57554 covering the manufacture of thermoplastic hose, tube and extruded products.

Colex International Ltd. Quality British Manufacturing Since 1992

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