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Pneumatic Technical DataPneumatic Tube Technical Data

Burst Characteristics vs Working Temperatures

This graph provides a guide to the relationship between pressure capabilities of Colex flexible nylon tube, when working within a recommended working temperature range.

As the temperature falls, the tube will become less flexible, the brittle point temperature being –70°C. Extreme caution should be taken if the temperature is exceeded. Any increase in temperature above 20°C will result in a decrease in the short term burst pressure.

Short term burst pressure is defined as the value recorded when testing a tube to burst pressure, as described in BS EN ISO 1402.


  • Burst pressure of NFM6/4 at 23°C = 1450 PSI = 100%
  • Burst Pressure of NFM6/4 at 40°C = 80% of 1450 PSI = 1160 PSI
  • Burst Pressure of NFM6/4 at 100°C = 37% of 1450 PSI = 535 PSI

Safety Factors

When selecting a hose for an application it is vital that an adequate safety factor is taken into account. Below is an extract from ISO 7751 : 1997 which will assist an installer in providing a proven level of safety. Discretion is advised when determining a safety factor for your chosen application.

Type of Service (for guidance only)

Ratio of min BP
to design WP

Water hose, max WP 10 bar


Hose for all other liquids, solid materials suspended in liquids or air and water hose, WP over 10 bar


Hose for compressed air and other gases


Hose for liquid media that change into a gaseous state when subjected to a reduction in pressure, i.e. released to atmosphere


Steam hose


Jetting hose


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