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  • Colex can help you ensure that your products are Touch-Safe by using Biomaster Anti-Microbial additives in all your Hose and Tube requirements.
    • Biomaster is based on Silver Ion technology and is effective from day one and for the lifetime of the product.
    • Ensuring your products are Touch-Safe has a minimal cost so customer safety does not have to blow your budget. 
    • Biomaster is safe to use in medical, food and drinking water applications and has been tested to ISO Standards.

    Biomaster is proven to inhibit the growth of harmful bacterial by up to 99.99%

  • Lesely Taylor, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Biomaster has written

    "The microbiology suggests that if Biomaster is effective against Norovirus on porus surfaces, then the active agent is also likely to have an effect on the lipid coating and the essential components reqired for Covid-19 to function and invade a host."

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